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  1. Google Workspace backup and security webinar

    [WEBINAR] Google Workspace Backup and Security

    Starting in July 2024, Refractiv will require all Google Workspace customers to implement an independent backup solution. This new requirement is part of our ongoing…

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  2. Hovercard example in Google Drive

    What’s New In Google Workspace (May 2024)

    The latest Google Workspace updates include tables in Google Sheets, hovercards in Google Drive, and new features in Google Chat.

  3. The Latest Google Workspace Features (April 2024)

    Here’s what’s new in Google Workspace, including Google Meet annotations, dark mode in Google Drive, and voice messages in Chat!

  4. Illustration Only: Email icons

    Email Threats in 2024: How To Secure & Control Your Email

    In the course of supporting our wide range of Google Workspace customers, we have witnessed an increase in reports of email security threats. To stay…

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  5. The layout button in Gmail's compose window

    What’s New in Google Workspace (March 2024)

    The latest Google Workspace updates include portrait touch-up in Google Meet and smooth scrolling in Google Sheets.

  6. Example of Gemini AI in Google Sheets

    Gemini for Google Workspace: Your Complete Guide

    Google Gemini is an advanced AI language model that transforms the way we work. Integrated seamlessly into Google Workspace, Gemini assists you with a variety…

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  7. Gemini for Google Workspace illustration

    The most recent updates to Google Workspace (February 2024)

    Welcome to the latest round of updates to Google Workspace, including Gemini Business, a new way of presenting in Google Slides, and new Google Chat…

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  8. Office desk with a laptop and a mug

    New Google Workspace Features and Updates (January 2024)

    Here are the latest updates from Google Workspace, including recordings in Google Slides, new options for Google Chat spaces, and new Google Meet features.

  9. Gemini AI

      Imagine having an intelligent, real-time partner that significantly lessens your workload. With Gemini for Google Workspace, you can focus on what’s truly important while…

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  10. DMARC: A Comprehensive Guide to Email Security

    With the rise of cyber threats and phishing attacks, securing email communications has become more important than ever. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)…

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