A summary of useful SEO tools and resources, most of which we use every day

Google’s Free Services

Google offers much more than basic searching! All of the tools below will enhance your ability to optimise your site, assess the competition and stay on top of your market. Most of the services listed below will require you to create a single Google account:

Other useful links:

Validate your pages https://validator.w3.org

Lots more weapons for your SEO armoury https://tools.seobook.com

Keyword mutations: https://adlab.msn.com/keyMut/default.aspx

Quick site analysis: https://www.seoworkers.com/tools/

Entry level SEO software: https://www.webceo.com

Serious SEO software: https://www.axandra.com

Online ranking monitor: https://www.rankingcheck.com

“Long tail” keyword suggestions: https://www.hittail.com

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