Ingenious web and mobile solutions

We design and develop bespoke web, mobile and cloud applications that deliver real business value. Our solutions may address a specific issue or a much wider corporate requirement. We don’t reinvent the wheel, so wherever possible we leverage best of breed applications and technologies, including our own Google Workspace site builder Overdrive, and add some technical savvy of our own to deliver simple and ingenious solutions.

We’ve gone from a manual site by site system that relied heavily on individuals and local knowledge, to an online nationwide maintenance management and reporting system using a mobile app and an Overdrive site.

Our successful projects include:

Mobile App and reporting Portal for routine and preventative maintenance | Online Maintenance Permit Management system |
Correspondence Management App | iPad Sales app and a cloud based integrated back-office application | Global member portal | Mobile photographic App for Construction


Our project approach

We work with your business & IT people to understand requirements, design a solution and plan the implementation and adoption. We provide plenty of ideas, advice and recommendations so you get the very best end result.

Our teams take an agile approach with a continuous delivery of functionality and features throughout the development phase and implement a thorough testing programme leading eventually to customer acceptance.

Even when the project is delivered we’re still on hand with a dedicated helpdesk to provide application support by email, video conferencing and telephone.


Technologies and integration

Cloud Computing allows us to work collaboratively anywhere, anytime and from any device. Unfortunately, being in the cloud often isn’t enough because our data is still split across separate applications which often don’t integrate well and stop us from joining up those pieces and realising their full potential.

We pull everything together for you into a coherent and effective whole in the best possible way for your business. From simple data migration through to complex integrations of multiple cloud apps with legacy on premise data, we have the expertise to work out the best approach and deliver the integrated solution that’s right for you.

We are very experienced in Google, Microsoft and Open Source technologies and use a range of web and mobile development environments to deliver projects. We use our own product Overdrive as a platform for applications as well as Google Cloud Platform and Azure.