Date: 21/01/2015
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Venue: Round Foundry Media Centre, Leeds LS11 5QP
Price: £250


Google Apps for Work training course for advanced users needing to understand the full range of Google Apps. Includes advanced Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts and Google Drive.


This training class is intended for intermediate users with experience of using Google Apps for Business.


Course delegates are expected to have an understanding and experience of:

  • Basic Google Apps or have attended our Google Apps Standard Training Workshop
  • Business Productivity Products


This course combines theory and explanation with hands-on exercises.


Course delegates will gain:

  • Deeper understanding of the Google Apps products and tools
  • Improved ability to use and get more from the products for work activities
  • Provide inspiration for new ways of working


Google Chrome

Chrome Refresher

  • Profiles
  • Linked-Data; Syncing
  • Work from anywhere/multiple devices


  • Chrome Web Store
  • Adding Extensions
  • Save To Drive
  • Office compatibility


Advanced Overview

  • Inbox views
  • Conversation view
  • Stars / Importance Flags
  • Basic labels
  • Filters
  • Labs


  • Use gmail keywords (from: to: etc…)
  • Use brackets to group search terms
  • Searching drive inside GMail

Effective email management

  • Multiple labeling
  • Archiving
  • Using labels as ‘flags’
  • Use filters to manage incoming email
  • Printing to PDF
  • Personal level indicators
  • Label at send
  • Hide labels
  • Quick email sort (from/to)
  • Send and archive button

Working with Attachments

  • Chrome download setting
  • Save to Drive
  • Save to Desktop

Essential Labs

  • Undo Send
  • Quick links
  • Quote selected text
  • Auto advance
  • Canned responses

Gmail settings overview

  • Email Delegation
  • Grant access
  • Ensure email not read when opened by delegate
  • Offline Gmail


Useful Calendar Labs

  • Adding colleagues calendars, resource calendars, additional calendars (e.g. team calendars).

Q & A

Google Hangouts

  • Chat
  • Audio/Video
  • Sharing: Desktop/Drive/Presentations etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive Advanced Overview

  • Settings overview
  • My Drive
  • Incoming
  • Navigation
  • Basic sharing

Offline working

  • Drive Offline (Chrome)
  • Drive for PC/Mac overview
  • Drive Sync: Selected Folders


  • Keyword searching
  • Advanced search
  • Naming conventions to aid search
  • Descriptions in Folders/Files


  • Anyone with the link
  • Setting up Google Account for External users
  • Anyone with the link in a domain
  • Restrict editor to edit only and not sharing
  • Copying and pasting doc links (eg. into chat)

Advanced Google Docs

Document templates

Editing features

  • Web clipboard
  • Insert options
  • Tables, Drawings (merge cell workaround)

Advanced Tools

  • Research
  • Preferences


Collaborative working

  • Working with comments (workflow)
  • Working with suggested edits

Advanced Google Sheets

Google Sheets features

  • Functions help (SUM, IF, SUMIFS)
  • Freezing panes
  • Align horizontally across selection
  • Data validation
  • Named ranges
  • Filters & Filter Views
  • Hide and colour tabs
  • Reference data from another Tab or Sheet (=ImportRange)
  • Inserting – images and hyperlinks
  • Formatting and Conditional formatting
  • Charts


  • Protect a sheet or range
  • Notifications