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Protect your organisation, customers, and vendors against phishing and spoofing attacks with a DMARC solution


What is DMARC?

DMARC serves as a critical security measure for email interactions. It empowers email senders to provide clear instructions to email recipients regarding the handling of unauthenticated messages. This protocol allows organisations to safeguard their domain against exploitation in phishing attacks and email fraud.

Benefits of Using a DMARC Solution

Security – Disallow unauthorised use of your domain to protect your team and customers from spam, fraud and phishing.
Visibility – See who and what is sending email using your domain.
Deliverability – Having a trusted domain means your emails have more chance of arriving in your target inbox.
Identity – Make your outbound email easy to identify and trustworthy across the huge and growing footprint of DMARC capable receivers.


DMARC Made Easy

Refractiv has partnered with dmarcian, an expert in analysing DMARC reports, to provide a managed service to make sure that DMARC is working for you. If you are looking to enhance your company’s email security, our team will set up the necessary domain records and monitor your DMARC reports to make sure that no important emails are blocked.

Our DMARC service gives you extra insights into the security of your emails. It’s like having a detective who can tell you if there’s anything suspicious going on with your emails and help you take action to keep your domain safe.


Organisations like yours get started with DMARC to address

Email Fraud

DMARC prevents unauthorized senders from using a domain for email.

Email Reliability

DMARC is a critical component for reliable email delivery and is often the first step taken to resolve email delivery issues.


Industries, governments, and regulators are now placing an increasing emphasis on the implementation of DMARC.

Get a clear understanding of DMARC with this simple explanation.



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