Google are holding their annual developer conference, Google I/O in California this week. Executives and keynote speakers took to the stage to showcase the latest developments in Android, Google Maps and Photos, Google Assistant, AI and lots more.

For Gmailers, Google is expanding on its helpful Smart Reply feature with Smart Compose which allows you to autocomplete your message by simply using the tab button.

Photos also got some new features including easier sharing, more photo editing options like recolorizing old photos and turning photos of docs instantly into PDF’s.

Google Assistant is smarter now allowing for multiple questions, incorporating every parents dream – a politeness feature (!) and coming soon, a beautiful new voice in the shape of R&B legend – John Legend.

In yet another awesome AI development, Duplex now allows you to ask Google Assistant to call a business on your behalf and schedule an appointment for you which was demoed via two real phone calls on stage.

As we’ve seen before with Google these new features often emerge in the consumer facing products initially and then make their way into the G Suite business solutions with things like the AI powered EXPLORE in Google Sheets, so it’s always interesting to have a ‘heads up’ on the latest innovations.