Organize and instantly share your marketing material with all stakeholders in one place, available 24/7 and always up to date.

How do you share your marketing collateral or resources with your internal teams and external partners? As a G Suite user, Google Drive probably has a role to play in the process, but G Suite users often tell us about some of the frustrations arising from using Drive to do this. It is often difficult for occasional users to understand Google Drive and also, sharing marketing information is much more than simple documents. Also, it’s generally not a good idea to share Drive files extensively outside the organization for security reasons.
Fortunately, G Suite site builder OverDRIVE can improve the process of sharing marketing materials and here are 10 ways how:


1. Latest version
Marketing materials change often – how do you make sure your team members are accessing the latest version? If it’s difficult or time consuming to find the materials they want, they will create and use their own local store of information rather than the central library of materials which you provide. This works for them – but what about when you update a logo or an opinion piece you have created? Emailing them with the latest version just creates another location where they have to search to find what they are looking for.


2. One location for everything
Where does your team go to find your marketing materials? If it’s more than one location, then you need OverDRIVE as your marketing resources portal. OverDRIVE enables you to pull materials from a variety of sources and provides easy access to anyone who requires them.


3. Not just documents
Often, information in formats other than documents has to be shared with your teams. This may be campaign plans, schedules, videos, logos, contacts and all other kinds of brand assets. OverDRIVE lets you share a wide variety of file types in the marketing portal so you can share more and varied content with stakeholders.


4. Any format, any source
OverDRIVE works like a dream with G Suite products such as Drive, Docs, Calendars etc. However, any type of file can be stored, accessed and managed on your OverDRIVE sites. This is of particular interest to marketing teams because of the variety of file formats you handle; digital assets like graphic, video, audio formats etc. can now all be accessed from one location.


5. Workflow approvals management
Managing the approval process for new or updated materials can be time consuming and often frustrating. OverDRIVE Workflow works inside your resources portal to ensure that the whole process is self-contained and easy to manage. It allows for multiple requesters and multiple approvers, as well as providing the ability to have as many workflows as you need on the site.


6. Accessible anywhere on any device
How often does your team need to access materials when they are away from the office? Often is the most common answer. With OverDRIVE your marketing portal can be accessed from any device and location.


7. Google Drive and G Suite
Google Drive is great, isn’t it? It makes managing and sharing files easy but it isn’t always the best user experience, particularly for new or occasional users. OverDRIVE gives you the best of both worlds – it takes the storage capabilities of Drive, adds in other G Suite services such as Calendars, Contacts, Groups etc. and presents it all in the best environment for users.


8. Bring in rich content
In addition to working nicely with G Suite services, OverDRIVE lets you bring in data from outside G Suite. Everything from Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and YouTube videos to Microsoft OneDrive documents can be included in your OverDRIVE site. It also supports Awesome Table, the app that can transform your spreadsheets into stylish site pages.


9. Updated materials are instantly available
What is your creation to publish delay? We often talk to marketing teams who are frustrated with the time taken to create or update a piece of copy and then make it available. All that is removed with OverDRIVE – changes and new content are instantly available to all users of your site.


10. Available externally
No man is an island and no marketing team can exist purely within the confines of their organisation. Fortunately, OverDRIVE allows you to invite contacts from outside your organisation into your sites so they can use and add to the content, even if they aren’t G Suite users. They can also sign in using a Microsoft account or just an email address. This could be a creative partner who is adding new content for you, which they can do simply by uploading it to the site. It may also be your reseller network or other partners who are accessing your materials from your marketing portal.


OverDRIVE is an ideal solution for your marketing resource sharing needs. It delivers a great experience for your team, both internal and external, and substantially reduces the administration overhead of managing the materials your team needs to share.

About OverDRIVE
OverDRIVE is designed for organisations using G Suite. It creates sites and portals automatically using data from Google Drive and other sources, without the need for specialist skills.