Google Drive is a great way to store, collaborate and share information and we know that Google has spent years developing one of the most advanced and secure infrastructures to keep your data safe and secure, so that’s all good. But when your team can share files with whoever they like, you could become vulnerable to the risk of data loss, either accidental or deliberate, and that’s definitely bad news.

With the ability to collaborate on potentially thousands of Docs, Sheets, Forms and other kinds of sensitive information, understanding who has access to your data is a tricky but vital task.

Patronum allows you to identify, report and manage the sharing rights of every file for every user on your domain. It reviews the sharing privileges of all files held in Google Drive and identifies the users outside your domain with whom documents are shared and which files they are, allowing you to track down your exposures and easily unshare files and folders. You can view a users’ files and folders and review their sharing permissions, including Shared Drives.

With Patronum managing Google Drive feels more like managing a local filesystem with all the control and power IT administrators need. Patronum’ Google Drive management feature also allows you to change the ownership of files or folders.

This powerful tool makes it easy for administrators to understand who has access to what information – and immediately change the sharing rights in bulk – allowing you to minimize risk and stay secure by effectively safeguarding your data.

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