Google Workspace Pricing Update

Google has announced a global price increase for Google Workspace plans, effective from 11th April 2023. If your organisation is on a Flexible Plan, you can keep the cost down by signing up for an Annual Plan.

Over the past year, Google has introduced hundreds of new Google Workspace features to support secure collaboration from anywhere. The updates cover everything from everyday tools such as Gmail and Google Chat to industry-leading security capabilities. Because Google Workspace apps run in the cloud, users get instant access to these improvements, thereby enhancing the value of the Google Workspace productivity suite. Later this year, we also expect to see new features powered by AI technology, which will further improve productivity and collaboration.

The price increase also includes an 11% currency adjustment for the pound against the US dollar.

The most significant impact is for customers on a Flexible Plan rather than Annual Plan.

Google Workspace Business editions pricing table


Google Workspace Enterprise and Frontline editions pricing table

The current price for both Flexible and Annual Plans is displayed on the left.

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Billing plans: Which is best for you?

The Annual Plan option is available for all Google Workspace editions and allows your organisation to lock in to the lowest per-user price. With an Annual Plan, you agree to buy the service for a full year or multiple years. If your team expands, you can purchase more licenses pro rate for the remaining period of the contract. You can only reduce the number of licenses when renewing your plan at the end of the contract. If you cancel your subscription before the contract expires, you must pay for the entire commitment.

On Flexible Plan, you are billed monthly for each user account. You can add and remove accounts at any time and pay only for the accounts you have during that month. You can cancel the service at any time without penalty.

Switch between plans

You can switch from a Flexible Plan to an Annual Plan at any time without restrictions.

Switching from an Annual plan to a Flexible plan is only possible during a free trial or at the time of subscription renewal.

Next steps

The new pricing will roll out starting in April, depending on factors such as the number of user licences, current contract terms and payment plan.

We understand that if you have 10 or fewer licences, the prices will not change until January 2024. Also, any current contract on Annual Plan will be honoured though to the renewal date or the end of a multi-year contract.

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions or concerns and do get in touch if you wish to discuss your own situation.