Google for Work customers who have items stored in Google Drive that link directly to the web, may have received an email with the subject ACTION REQUIRED Drive web hosting is shutting down. This is because Google have recently ended the support feature ‘Web hosting in Google Drive’.

What next? Don’t worry… we have pulled together some FAQs and included a couple of links to Google’s update to help explain this further.


This advisory note is intended for Refractiv’s Google for Work clients.

Please refer to the recent Google Update:
Deprecating web hosting support in Google Drive

And original Google announcement from August 2015
Deprecating web hosting support in Google Drive


Q: What is this exactly?
A: Google are ending the support of a feature (web hosting in Google Drive) which enables items stored in Google Drive to be available directly on the web.

Q: When is this happening?
A: August 31 2016

Q: What would this be used for?
A: A typical usage might be to host your users’ Gmail Signature images in this way.
e.g. We have a tip about it here:
Use Google Drive to host your Gmail signature

Q: How do I know if we are using this in our domain?
A: This is something that you should be aware of if you have adopted it (e.g. for signatures).
Google have written to affected GApps customers in the last few days with an email containing
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Drive web hosting is shutting down
Which you can check if you have received.
Beyond this you can utilise the Reports section in your Google Apps Admin Panel as advised in Google’s article.

Q: What can I use as an alternative?
A: The Google update makes some suggestions. In many cases we would advise hosting such items in your public website.


Further Help and Advice
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