Finding and implementing the right software solution for your construction firm can make a significant difference in productivity and organisation on site as well as in the office.

Many construction firms are opting for the convenience and flexibility available through cloud computing applications, not only wishing to improve their IT service provision but also reducing costs in the process.

Leading the pack is G Suite, with 5 million organisations worldwide taking advantage of the enhanced collaboration and mobility features offered by the solution. By storing data and applications securely in the cloud, companies can provide unparalleled access for staff members while maintaining the authorisation and security of the working documents. Google Apps for Business is ideal for construction companies managing multiple projects that require collaboration and regular input to maintain the quality of their work.

Google Apps improves the efficiency of construction organisations who are faced with challenges like these:

  • Geographically dispersed workforce
  • Distribution of construction plans and documentation inside and outside the business
  • Mobile working and the provision of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies
  • Multiple collaborators required for construction documents and projects

Here are examples of some great Google Apps solutions for construction firms:

Google Sites – Intranet, sub contractor management and project portal all rolled into one

Maintaining all documentation for construction projects in one location offers many benefits to construction firms. Google Sites allows you to do this with ease – tender documents, bill of materials, project calendars, contact information and more can be stored and accessed from any location without any additional IT infrastructure.

Google Hangouts – Easy video and voice communication with remote sites

Communicating with your team at construction sites can be challenging and time consuming at the best of times, but Google Hangouts, the instant messaging and video chat platform, offers a perfect solution. You could be anywhere, anytime and you’d only need your smartphone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection to have a video call with your site manager, reducing travel time and increasing their time on site. The video calls are free of charge and can be made to mobiles, so you can actually go on site and see the construction problems, without even being there!

Google Docs – Share and collaborate on project documents wherever you are

Construction projects generate lots of documents. Managing and sharing these documents is typically a cumbersome process. Google Docs takes all the hassle away, allowing users to share documents with the people they want to and collaborate much more effectively than by using traditional methods.

Refractiv Site Photos – Effective visual management of construction progress

Using photos to record the construction process throughout the build provides many benefits. Construction issues can be identified promptly, its easier to resolve problems during later phases and the process can be reviewed from anywhere, preventing needless journeys from site managers to report on progress.

Developed in conjunction with a major UK housebuilder, the Refractiv Site Photos app achieves this in an easy to use and simple manner, reducing costs whilst improving efficiency throughout the construction process.

Live demonstration of Google Apps for construction

Find out more about how Google Apps can help construction companies like yours by attending the Google Apps for Construction webinar. You will:

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  • Hear about organisations like yours, talking about the challenges they face and fantastic results that are realised when moving to Google Apps for Business
  • See Google products in action and clever solutions to workplace needs or challenges

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