Argentinian construction company Edilizia is using OverDRIVE to improve their internal communication, consolidating their G Suite content and other business apps and tools into one powerful intranet site.

Construction company Edilizia, based in Argentina, has been building a diverse range of project types since 1950, including new construction and renovations, for both public and private clients.

The Challenge

The company uses a number of different tools and apps including G Suite, Smartsheet and Lucidchart but this often resulted in the loss of important data because of the separate applications. Edilizia wanted a way to consolidate this information in one place, without duplicating it and also to find a better way to share and use their Quality Manual. In doing so, they hoped to reduce the amount of emails their team received each day, especially the internal ones, make sharing information easier and therefore vastly improve communication across the organisation.

The Solution

OverDRIVE was used to set up an intranet providing an overview of all ‘live’ projects for staff. It also includes a section to summarize the main indicators of the business and individual teams, incorporating quick access to other apps and tools, such as a Time Tracking system and Smartsheet plans.

The site is also used to publish the latest news, monthly newsletters, photos and events information and includes an easily updatable internal manuals and procedures section that allows staff to search and find the content easily. The team even included a contact form on the site to help streamline requests for Technology Department support.

OverDRIVE’s ability to manage the permissions for different pages of one site allows the team to moderate the information shown, so that users only see content that is relevant to them but remain well informed.

Our intranet has become the homepage of all our devices and we are well on the way to leaving behind email for our internal communication and are also saving time in finding our frequently consulted information. OverDRIVE has consolidated our information and shared it in a dynamic way, allowing us to quickly and easily make a huge improvement to our internal communication