dotHIV, a charity and domain registry supports AIDS organisations by selling .hiv web addresses.

Carolin Silbernagl, Co-Founder and CEO, dotHIV, said:In the 1980s, when the death toll from AIDS and HIV-related illnesses began to mount, the end of AIDS was impossible to imagine. Three decades later, thanks to medical breakthroughs and the diligent work of activists, wiping out AIDS is no longer just a dream. At dotHIV, we raise money for AIDS organizations by selling the .hiv extension to nonprofits and businesses. Through a simple redirect, .hiv domains work as second entrance doors to existing websites: then leads to the same homepage as And for each click on any type of .hiv URL, we donate money to HIV/AIDS charities.The idea behind dotHIV came about in 2009, when a few friends in the advertising industry were working on a pro bono campaign for HIV prevention. We had grown tired of the usual approach of putting up posters and shooting TV commercials and thought: why not place our message in a space that people look at every time they open a web browser – and raise money at the same time? Their agency offered to let us borrow office space and software to get the idea off the ground, but as our footprint grew globally with employees and volunteers around the world, we realized we needed better tools to help us collaborate from our many remote locations. That’s when we turned to Google Apps. We were already familiar with the tools and knew how powerful they could be in helping us work faster and more efficiently, and since it’s free to nonprofits, we focus less on operations and more on getting out the word about dotHIV.Once we create documents and presentations, we store them in Google Drive so we have access anytime we need them, from any device. We’re also using Drive to build up an archive of photos and videos that tell the dotHIV story.

We’ve even tapped into Google Cloud Platform to build new features for our website. For example, we used App Engine to create a click counter that will appear on every web page with a .hiv address. Whenever someone clicks on these pages, it triggers a small donation to an AIDS support group, with the funds coming from our domain registrations.

We started dotHIV with a small group of believers. Today, we’re a global network of experts who are using our diverse experience to support the fight against AIDS, and who are hopeful that the end of AIDS is in sight.

Story courtesy of Google Enterprise blog