Refractiv is pleased to announce the launch of another website in co-ordination with FireBrand Communications. The new website is for Delta Fire (Australiasia) Pty Ltd, specialists in high-hazard fire protection.

The exciting new website has now been launched at The site was planned as part of a total rebranding for the company and the brief was to provide a customer-focused site, to act as a resource centre for its customers and prospective customers.

FireBrand Communications, as Delta Fire’s PR consultancy, was tasked with finding a suitable web developer for the project, and then to work with the developer to write the copy, populate the site and prepare it for launch.

Sharon Parfitt, Managing Director of FireBrand, says, “I had no problems in finding a web development partner for this project. I went straight to Refractiv, having successfully worked with the team to develop our own company site at as well as working in collaboration with them on the new MDM Publishing site at

So, the choice was easy, and as usual the Refractiv team applied its outstanding service ethic to the task. Development of the Delta site was relatively smooth and very efficient. The site is one we are all proud of and Delta Fire is now powering ahead with a fantastic and very functional website.”

Sharon continues, “I wholeheartedly recommend Refractiv, the team there really does go the extra mile, on occasions two or three! The success of all of the projects we have undertaken with Refractiv is particularly impressive as it demonstrates the company’s ability to work internationally, as both FireBrand and Delta Fire are located in Australia”