LovelyFlora World delivers beautiful flowers and gifts to customers across the UK. Committed to customer satisfaction and providing a great online shopping experience, the company needed a reliable email management system and wanted to work more efficiently.

The choice of G Suite and some excellent training from Google Cloud Partner Refractiv has delivered strong collaboration, improved communication and efficiencies across the business.

Having already implemented Google’s G Suite, LovelyFlora World wanted to ensure their whole team were adopting it effectively and were also keen to improve their internal communication. Leeds based Google Cloud partner Refractiv provided on-site training to help employees get the most from Gmail, Hangouts and Google Drive. They also shared ways of improving collaboration and communication across the organisation.

Refractiv has helped us manage our business more effectively, enhanced our workflow and improved the communication between our employees and customers.

Google Drive has allowed employees to create and share files quickly, without any danger of duplicates and Calendar means meetings can be set up easily.  Hangouts have also proved to be a great way to communicate effectively in real time by reducing the need for time-consuming email exchanges.

The support and advice from Refractiv allowed LovelyFlora World to work smarter and do more with G Suite, allowing them to deliver an efficient online service and build stronger relationships with customers.

The exceptional training from Refractiv has helped our business to develop and understand exactly how to get the maximum out of G Suite. The tools have benefited LovelyFlora World in so many ways, from improved efficiency and collaboration to unlimited storage