BackupHR are using G Suite site builder Overdrive to set up HR portals aimed at giving UK employers help and guidance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Cambridge based HR company are running a series of webinars to provide support for organizations as well as online resources including fact sheets, useful links, reports and a range of graphics, to help companies deal with a raft of unprecedented employment challenges.

Managing Director Guy Liddall said “Because this is such a fast moving situation, we needed a way to share resources quickly and easily. As much of the relevant information already exists in our Google Drive, Overdrive was the perfect way to surface it as web pages. We can spin up a site very quickly and change the content immediately as the circumstances change”.

Overdrive CEO Richard Atkinson commented “We’re being approached by an increasing number of organizations who need to share all kinds of content online quickly and easily at the moment. This is a great example of a company who needed to share vital information, at short notice and used Overdrive to set up web pages in minutes”.