Recently we’ve seen some really professional improvements to the look and feel of Google Apps. Further evidence that cloud-based systems are constantly evolving, without the need for expensive upgrades.

In the past month Google has introduced two new themes for Gmail, a new Google Docs interface and a Preview Pane lab, all of which make the Google Apps package look a lot more professional.

Choosing to switch your Gmail theme to Preview (Dense) will immediately provide you with a much more professional looking Gmail. If you use Outlook then there’s never been a better time to look at what Gmail can offer – especially with the introduction of the Preview Pane lab. You can now set up a preview pane exactly as you can in Outlook, a big improvement.

The Google Docs interface has also been improved with a new look to match the Gmail theme. The look can be switched on by clicking on the “try the new look” link and, as with Gmail, the new interface brings a clarity not seen before.

Hats off to Google. More confirmation that cloud-based systems offer constant improvement without the need for versions and upgrades. Things can only get better.