Our look at Worldwide Gone Google Stories from the Google Enterprise Blog. Japan’s All Nippon Airways now en route to the digital cloud with Google Apps for Business.

Mr. Aramaki, Director of Innovation, All Nippon Airways (ANA) Japan said:

As Japan’s largest airline, operating around 1,000 flights per day, we know a thing or two about clouds. Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be embarking on a journey to a cloud of a very different kind – with Google’s cloud based tools Google Apps for Business – to communicate and collaborate more easily. Starting in April, all our 33,000 staff across 40 company divisions, from pilots and cabin attendants to HR and finance staff, will use Gmail, Google Drive and Google Talk.

As a global business, we have people working all over the world. Now it doesn’t matter if our staff are on tarmacs in Tokyo, offices in London, or on-the-go in the streets of Beijing, they’ll be able to communicate and collaborate in real time, using Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides from their PCs, smartphones or tablets. As well as removing the barriers of distance, the move to Google Apps will also help us break down language barriers with Google Talk’s translation feature.

Google Apps offers us the reliability and scalability we need. We coordinate flights for 2.7 million passengers to 81 local and international destinations every year, so it is critical we have a communication system that we can rely on. With Gmail we’ll not only have this reliability and scale, we’ll also no longer have to dedicate resources to maintaining and operating our email system as we can rely on Google’s infrastructure.

For over 60 years ANA has flown passengers around the world in comfort and safety. As we launch into our next decade were looking forward to smooth sailing into the cloud with Google Apps for Business and creating a more innovative, flexible and productive style of work.

Story courtesy of Google Enterprise Blog post.