Financial-i, the voice of the global transaction banking business, has launched an updated version of its popular website –

The website template has been modernised, a wider screen footprint has been introduced and the Financial-i team now have increased editorial control over their content through MySiteAdmin, the Refractiv content management system.

Advertising revenue is very important to Financial-i so Refractiv has introduced display rotating adverts that can be easily uploaded to any pages on the site. Each advertising slot in the template can hold 5 adverts which display randomly and rotate without needing a page refresh. Each click is tracked and Financial-i can now offer online advertising packages which include accurate click tracking and reports on performance.

As a subscription based service, editorial content and visitor satisfaction is very important to Financial-i, so website navigation has been simplified by the introduction of four main editorial channels: Cash Management; Securities Services; Trade Services; and Business Solutions. Each channel has dedicated articles and recent news posts, with the most up to date news post for each channel automatically displayed on the home page.

“We are very happy with the changes that Refractiv has implemented. As well as the improved website template and navigation, the key for us was to have the breadth of functionality to allow us to quickly add and remove content and modes of content. To that end we are delighted with the system that Refractiv integrated for us.”
Ian Rycott, Director