California based Aerofoam Industries, the leading manufacturer for aircraft seating, needed a solution to be able to control, share and distribute documents and drawings. The company was already using Google Drive to store files and wanted to share this information with employees in a simple and efficient way.

Regularly used as a project workspace and intranet, OverDRIVE provides a secure and organised front end, which means Aerofoam can present their Google Drive files as an intranet which is shared and distributed to everyone.

Working in the Aerospace industry, with its tight regulatory control, means that there is a vast amount of document data created during the course of a project, and the folder structure of OverDRIVE means that these files are easy to organise and manage. This allows employees to quickly find the drawings, as well as being confident that they have the latest copy. As documents and drawings are added and edited, the intranet is updated automatically – keeping it current and accurate.

Having a project workspace powered by OverDRIVE is great for us, as an aerospace company the quantity of drawings and documents is huge. An intranet which mirrors our Google Drive structure not only brings our files to life, but means we can keep track, organise, share and distribute to our employees. Moving to California, I struggled to find a provider who was on the ball with a solution as good as this. So far so good!