The International Slackline Association (ISA) is using Google Intranet OverDRIVE as a platform to present their SlackED Data. OverDRIVE’s integration with G Suite’s Docs, Sheets, Forms and more has made it possible to share public data across the site, helping to keep ISA members engaged internationally with current activities, news and events. 

The OverDRIVE site has features that allows members to view safety regulations, file incidents and keep an eye on Slackline Distance records, keeping all associates connected all in one place.

About International Slackline Association
The ISA is a grassroots effort created by a collection of slackliners from around the world who are passionate about the community, sharing resources, and promoting slacklining in all forms.

About OverDRIVE
OverDRIVE is designed for organisations using G Suite. OverDRIVE lets you make great-looking and powerful workspaces and sites, transforming Drive and other G Suite content into web pages automatically. You don’t need specialist skills and you can set up a site in minutes. Uses include project workspaces, sites, intranets, digital libraries, event sites and education resources. OverDRIVE is available globally online and through partners.