Smartsheet is a software as a service application for collaboration and work management. It can be used to track project progress, assign and monitor team tasks, manage calendars, share information on a project and lots more.

The OverDRIVE page type allows you to link a Smartsheet account so that you can embed any of your sheets. With Smartsheet and OverDRIVE you can display a project plan, task list, roadmap – and much more – on a web page that all your users can access.

Embed more

You can display even more Smartsheet content using the Other/URL page type. Get a published link from Smartsheet and add it to the URL box, OverDRIVE will display Dashboards, Reports and more. (See OverDRIVE Help for more information about publishing Smartsheet content).

You can see an example of an embedded Smartsheet, and more page types on our Demo Site.

If you don’t yet have a Smartsheet account you can try it for free.