The OverDRIVE development team is busy creating integrations with popular cloud services – already launched are a series of integrations with Google, Microsoft and Smartsheet with more on the way. Until then, did you know that using Zapier opens up a world of integration possibilities for you?

Zapier is a web-based integration tool which connects cloud services together to pass data back and forth. These integrations are called Zaps. In a nutshell, Zaps are blueprints that say: when this happens in one app, then run a task in another. For example, you can use Zapier to connect your data from an app such as Facebook to a Google Sheet or Doc that is embedded on an OverDRIVE page. Here are a few sample Zaps – and how they will work with OverDRIVE page types – to get you started:

Google Folder page type

  • Create a new Google Doc in a specified OverDRIVE folder for each task in Asana

Google Drive File page type

  • Add a new Google Sheet row to an embedded Sheet when a Zendesk ticket is created
  • Add a new Google sheet row to an embedded Sheet when a new message is added to Slack

Smartsheet page type:

  • Create a row in an embedded Smartsheet when a new lead is added to Salesforce

Calendar page type

  • Add a new Event to an embedded Calendar when you set up a Mailchimp campaign

Google Contacts page type

  • Add Hubspot Contacts to a Google Contacts Group embedded on an OverDRIVE page

RSS Feed page type

  • Create an RSS Feed to display Facebook page posts on an OverDRIVE page

Zapier offers a free 14 day trial and a free basic level with a limit of 5 Zaps, if you are looking to expand the range of data you can display on your OverDRIVE site, try it out today.