Leading UK property company switches from Lotus Notes to Google Apps and goes into OverDRIVE.

Bruntwood is a leading property company based in Manchester UK. Their portfolio currently includes over 140 commercial properties in the North of England and The Midlands which they develop, let and manage.

The Challenge

Prior to moving to Google Apps in 2014, Bruntwood used Lotus Notes for corporate email and a Notes-based portal for sharing and tagging enterprise content. With the move to Gmail they needed a new approach that was accessible and user-friendly for their 500 staff; the solution also needed to be browser-based, secure and work on mobiles. To add to the challenge, Bruntwood also wanted to incorporate an archive of 1.8m emails held in Lotus Notes.

The Solution

OverDRIVE’s integration with Google Apps and its capabilities as a searchable message store and project collaboration tool made it an ideal solution, allowing Bruntwood to surface enterprise content including their email archive and Google Drive content into an OverDRIVE portal.

City House hero cropAll company staff are now able to tag emails and Drive content according to projects, leases, properties and many more criteria and with a click of a button they appear automatically in the OverDRIVE portal. This means that all kinds of project content can be displayed and accessed by staff, in one easy to reach place. Using OverDRIVE’s powerful Navigator feature, tagged content can now be searched using multiple search criteria, which allows users to quickly find content in a variety of different ways.

There were also some innovative extras worked into the solution which included ‘suggested tagging’ related to a customer email domain and ‘automatic filing’ of responses to already filed messages, which made things even simpler and quicker for users. The portal is also integrated with Salesforce so that emails in OverDRIVE can be viewed by Salesforce users.

OverDRIVE’s integration with Google Drive and Gmail together with the powerful tagging and search capabilities of Navigator made it a great way to develop the portal. With the bonus of incorporating our email archive and other Drive content into OverDRIVE, we now have a solution which is both tailor-made and completely intuitive for users.