Our look at Worldwide Gone Google Stories from the Google Enterprise Blog. Simply Hired, the world’s most comprehensive job site, explains how Google Apps has brought a new level of transparency and collaboration among its teams.

Gautam Godhwani at Simply Hired said:”As the world’s most comprehensive job site, our goal at Simply Hired is to help people find a job they love. Our 75 employees work with 30M+ job seekers each month as well as thousands of global employers to provide free access to job openings and an efficient way to reach qualified candidates.

“Maintaining a database of more than eight million job listings, working with thousands of employers and managing a remote sales team requires a lot of internal organization. In 2011, we started running into issues with our in-house technology implementation. Employees were wasting valuable time dealing with spam and at the same time, storing and saving company information on a single internal drive was limiting mobility and collaboration for the team. We were also concerned about disaster recovery if our system suffered an outage. All of these factors made it clear that another solution was needed.

“With Google Apps, our information is now available in the cloud. Thanks to Gmail, Google calendar, Google Docs, and more recently, Google Drive, important documents and calendar information is now always up-to-date and accessible to all employees – no matter where they are located or which Web device they are using. When our sales team is on the road, they can now easily access presentations and product information from our internal Google site and send it to potential customers. Accessing data and files without being in the office or connected to a local network has helped us provide a better experience for our customers. And, Google Chat makes it easy to quickly reach a colleague while out of the office or on the road. In addition, moving our data to the cloud helps us save resource allocation toward and disaster recovery procedures.

“In addition to accessibility and reliability, sharing information as a team has never been easier. Rather than emailing large attachments, we can easily upload large files to Google Docs or Drive. For example, our marketing team is constantly creating new presentations and collateral which include images and video, resulting in large file sizes. In the past, we’d have to email large files, which created numerous issues including slow upload time and unreliable deliverability. Sometimes, the files would be too large to even send. Now, we can upload materials easily to Docs or Drive and simply click the “Share” button.

With Google Apps there’s a new level of transparency and collaboration among teams at Simply Hired. We’ve also seen a reduction in expenses as fewer resources are needed to manage a cloud-based solution. We look forward to seeing ongoing enhancements from the Google Apps team to further improve productivity across our organization.”

Story courtesy of Google Enterprise Blog post.