What’s New in Google Workspace (March 2024)

The latest Google Workspace updates include portrait touch-up in Google Meet and smooth scrolling in Google Sheets.

Google Meet

The web version of Google Meet now has a feature called “Portrait touch-up”. Use it to make slight adjustments to your appearance before or during a meeting. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident during video calls.

Portrait touch up demo in Google Meet

Image: Google

Meetings that are encrypted on the client-side now have the ability to support the co-host feature. This means that organisers can now schedule and book encrypted video conferences on behalf of others. Co-hosts are granted the ability to join and initiate meetings independently, which provides greater flexibility for meeting management. However, it’s important to note that this feature is currently only available on the web since planning meetings with co-hosts can only be done on a computer.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets has recently introduced preset dropdowns to make the process of creating dropdown chips simpler. These chips have been designed to include options for common situations such as priority or review statuses, which eliminates the need for manually entering values. Once users have inserted a preset dropdown, they can edit the options or personalise styles by using the data validation sidebar.

Preset drop downs in Google Sheets demo

Image: Google

Google Sheets on desktop now offers smooth scrolling that gives you more control over your scrolling experience. With the new smooth scrolling function, you can now scroll precisely to a specific area of a row or column, and stop exactly where you want within the spreadsheet. This update improves all Sheets features, including frozen rows, hidden columns, charts, buttons, comments, right-to-left layouts, and when using scrollbars instead of a mouse or trackpad.


Creating professional-looking emails, announcements, newsletters, and other forms of communication has become simpler with the new email layout editor in Gmail. You can now start designing your own email layout from scratch or by choosing from a wide range of email templates that are available. Moreover, you can customize your email layout with color schemes, logos, images, footer text, and links to make it more attractive and personalised.

To create and access custom email layouts, Gmail users can simply click on the layout icon in the compose window.

The layout button in Gmail's compose window



  • Google Meet on the web now allows you to touch-up your portrait during video calls.  Additionally, the co-host feature is now available for client-side encrypted meetings.
  • In Google Sheets you can create preset dropdowns, specifically tailored for typical scenarios like priority or review statuses.  Also, on desktop, you can now enjoy the smooth scrolling feature.
  • A new email layout editor has been introduced in Gmail, which enables you to create professional-looking emails, announcements, and newsletters.

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