The latest Google Workspace updates include tables in Google Sheets, hovercards in Google Drive, and new features in Google Chat.

Google Chat

A new feature allows you to send emails to spaces in Google Chat! Space managers can create an email address for a space to which members can send or forward any email. The email will be displayed as a clickable card showing a preview of the email in the designated space. If you are a space manager, you can create an email address by clicking on the name of the space in the top left corner, then navigating to Space Settings > Email section and selecting Generate email.

An example of an email card in a google chat space

Image: Google

Enable notifications for all messages in a Google Chat space. The new “notify all” functionality has been introduced for in-line threaded spaces, allowing you to be notified of all new messages, @ mentions, and threads, even those they do not follow. Click on the name of the space and then go to Notifications to enable this feature.

Google Drive

Google Drive is introducing file hovercards: when hovering over a file icon, a thumbnail of the file and relevant details such as file type, owner, recent modifications, and last modification date will apear. This feature helps you complete tasks faster without having to open multiple tabs.

Hovercard example in Google Drive

Google Sheets

Tables are now available in Google Sheets! Google Sheets has introduced tables to simplify and speed up spreadsheet building. Select a data range and use the Format > Convert to table option to automatically format and organise data with various features such as column types, filters, color coding, and dropdown menus. This can help streamline the process of updating and maintaining structured data in a spreadsheet.

How to convert data to a table in google sheets

Image: Google

Convert data to dropdown chips in Google Sheets. If you have a column of data with various values, such as different project statuses, you may see a “Convert to dropdown chips” suggestion when you click into the data range. When you hover over the suggestion indicator, you can preview the suggestion before converting to dropdown chips in one click.

Google Meet

Hide non-video tiles and focus only on participants with their videos on. This helps you reduce screen clutter and enhances the focus on video-enabled participants. It’s important to note that this feature is specific to your meeting view and does not impact what other participants see or set for their layouts during the meeting. To hide non-video tiles during a Meet call, go to Settings > Change layout > Hide tiles without video.



  • Google Chat introduces the ability to send emails to spaces using a generated email address. Space managers can create an email address for a space.
  • Google Chat also introduces “notify all” functionality for in-line threaded spaces.
  • Google Drive introduces file hovercards with relevant details.
  • Google Sheets introduces tables to simplify spreadsheet building. Google Sheets can also suggest converting data to dropdown chips.
  • Google Meet allows users to hide non-video tiles and focus on participants with videos on.

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