Make good looking, powerful workspaces and sites. Easily.


Overdrive lets you make great-looking and powerful workspaces and sites, transforming Drive and other Google Workspace content into web pages automatically. You don’t need specialist skills and you can set up a site in minutes. Uses include project workspaces, sites, intranets, digital libraries, event sites and education resources.
It’s a simple way to provide teams with easy web access to information and to improve communication across an organisation.

Build a site automatically

Convert Google Drive and Google Workspace content into web pages automatically

Transform Google Drive content

Create great-looking and powerful web pages without the need for specialist skills

Manage content & improve communication

A simple and smart way to provide teams with easy web access to information



User-friendly front-end admin controls

Simple to develop and maintain

You don’t need to be technically minded to develop and maintain an Overdrive site. There’s no Content Management System or backend login; instead the authorised administrator simply uses a menu of options to configure the site and Overdrive does the rest.

Wide choice of content tiles

Automatically displays any type of Google Drive content on your site

Build pages using content from many different sources. Using drag and drop and resizable tiles you can construct any type of page for your site.

Simply choose from a wide range of content tiles eg document, calendar, spreadsheet, video, etc. and Overdrive will automatically display your content in the best possible. Also, you’ll have different tiles configuration options according to the content you’re embedding.

Choice of styles, presentation and branding

Easily customise the appearance of an Overdrive site to suit your corporate needs
You can customise an Overdrive site to create an individual and professional site. Just use the admin options to upload your logo and choose from a range of themes or templates. In Template Designer you can select from various theme options including templates, navigation choices and search.

If you decide that you want to develop a ‘showstopper’ of a site then there are additional options available to develop a bespoke version of Overdrive that is even more impressive.

Mobile-friendly and fully responsive

Great user experience across all devices

All Overdrive sites are fully responsive to different screen sizes so smartphone and tablet users will have a great experience. Overdrive works with Google Drive for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS, so you can update your site from any device.

Google Drive integration

Automatic recognition of Drive folder structures and content
Overdrive automatically mimics or replicates a nominated folder structure within Drive so your website navigation will be exactly the same.

When you first set up your Overdrive site, you specify a folder or directory in Drive (eg ‘Company Information’ or ‘Project Latitude’) and Overdrive then builds the site using the same structure.

Overdrive also allows you to combine multiple Drive folders and content from different users and organisations.

Built-in security and permissions

Safe and secure access to content
Access to your Overdrive site is fully controlled and protected and where required, users will be asked to sign in.

In addition to the standard login security, there is also the option of two-factor authentication which means that users need a PIN number to gain access to a site.

Google Drive provides straightforward, granular control over file and folder sharing and this permissions structure is replicated in Overdrive. So if you want to restrict access to sensitive documents, simply update the Drive permissions.

More options to customise your site

Create the site that you really want
If you decide that you want to develop a ‘showstopper’ of a site then there are additional options available to develop a bespoke version of Overdrive that is even more impressive and delivers even more to users.

Our client runs multiple property development projects and needed an easy way for internal and external team members, including project managers, executives, architects, engineers and finance staff to connect. They also wanted to manage and publish a wide range of content relevant to each project. Overdrive automatically generates a web portal for each project and users can access more than one project if required, so it was a simple and smart answer to a complex requirement
The Overdrive pricing structure is straightforward. There is a monthly or annual fee for each user and a licenced user can access multiple sites without an additional charge. For pricing details, please see here.

To learn more and keep your team connected visit… overdrive.io