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New website gets top marks for Clive Mark Schoolwearclive-mark-logo-300x300

Clive Mark, a leading group retailer of school uniform, sportswear and accessories in The Midlands, approached Refractiv to create a stylish and accessible site that improved customer experience and revitalised their online uniform shop. The site needed to reflect their Group structure and therefore have a cohesive and flexible design.

The Challenge

The original website had become unwieldy, with a complicated structure, overloaded with content which was challenging to navigate. Not only did this make it difficult to find the relevant for business area or product, it was inevitably suppressing online revenue.

The Solution

Refractiv developed a new structure using a main domain Group site and series of simple, accessible sub-domains that reflected the company’s products and services. Each site shared functionality and layout making it easy for visitors to navigate through the entire Group.

A stylish, simple design allowed sufficient flexibility to give each site its’ own distinct identity whilst still delivering a cohesive Group look. Multiple images and push-through links provided an inviting and intuitive experience for users with the focus on easy and clear navigation.

The website is controlled by Refractiv’s powerful and flexible content management system (CMS), allowing the Clive Mark team to have complete editing control and the new shared functionality across all sites has made maintenance easy.

We felt that with the passage of time the old website had lost momentum and that we should also take the opportunity to draw a distinction between the differing areas of our business, so we asked Refractiv to rethink our web presence. We’ve now got smart and user friendly websites that clearly show all that we offer, are easy to maintain and are delivering real results both online and in our retail outlets.


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