G Suite succeeds in clinical trials

logo-main-formedixA move to G Suite has delivered substantial cost savings, improved communication and provided a flexible and reliable business solution for Formedix.

The Challenge

Formedix, a leading provider of clinical trials software and consultancy services, was experiencing a number of problems with their current system, including lack of collaboration, cost and productivity issues.

With offices in the UK and North America, Formedix felt that more could be done to help staff collaborate and have access to key information, including email, calendars and documents. Discussions with Refractiv led to the decision that G Suite for Business was the solution.

The Solution

With the support of Refractiv, a leading UK Google for Work Premier Partner, Formedix has dispensed with its hosted Exchange which, coupled with a reduction in infrastructure, represents significant cost savings. Refractiv migrated email, calendar and contacts for nearly all Formedix users, who are now enjoying the convenience of an entirely web based mail facility.

Through the use of Google Docs and with help and support from Refractiv, Formedix employees, both in the UK and North America, can create hosted documents – word processing, spreadsheets and presentations – and share them with colleagues and partners who can edit and comment simultaneously with other team members.

The accessibility of Google Drive has also proved to be a great advantage for Formedix. With a large proportion of Formedix clients based in the US and the team often travelling nationally and internationally, it was essential that everyone had access to key information at all times and Drive fulfilled this requirement – perfectly.

Internal communication has also improved with the team using Gmail, chat, google+ and hangouts to discuss and share important information and initiatives across the company wherever and whenever required. Even in these early stages, the benefits of choosing G Suite were evident across the whole company – G Suite is intuitive to use, emails can be accessed easily from any location and documents can be shared and simultaneously updated by different users. For the business, the advantages are no less compelling – infrastructure costs have been significantly reduced and the responsibility for system upgrades, security etc has been removed from the IT department.

Formedix is all about creating time and cost efficiencies for our clients by developing smart, well thought out solutions for other companies. We wanted to replicate these same efficiencies inside our own company, through the way that we work, so the move to G Suite was a natural and effective choice. We are already benefitting from the change in the way that we communicate and collaborate as a team and have made significant cost savings at the same time.



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