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Google Workspace increases performance for consultancy company

TPC Leadership logoA move to Google Workspace has improved workflow, collaboration and consistency for London based coaching consultancy TPC Leadership as well as delivering significant IT cost savings.

The Challenge

With a skilled core team of 68 people based throughout Europe, TPC Leadership is a trusted leadership development and coaching consultancy who work with European businesses as well as global organisations operating across the UK and Europe.

Faced with the challenge of employees using a variety of different devices, email clients and calendaring solutions the management team was keen to introduce a consistent approach. This, coupled with the need to improve internal processes and communication led to the solution of using Google Workspace.

The Solution

With the support of Refractiv, a leading Google Cloud Partner,  TPC Leadership implemented Google Workspace, allowing all employees to access Gmail and Google calendar. This now delivers great communication, a consistent approach to mail and calendar, plus impressive IT cost savings.

The move to Google Workspace had an immediate and positive impact on the company’s internal communication, with the team using Gmail, chats, hangouts and calendar to discuss and share important information wherever and whenever required. Subsequently, with Refractiv’s assistance, TPC Leadership has moved key documents to Google Drive and implemented Nimble, a CRM package, to further improve communication with key clients.

After a successful and speedy switch to Google Workspace,  TPC Leadership continues to use Refractiv’s comprehensive Google Workspace support package to provide technical support to both individual users and the company as a whole to gain the maximum benefit from the change.

Refractiv was faced with a challenging situation: 50+ users, mainly home-based and using different email clients and devices, who needed their email migrated to one simple, reliable system. The result? We now have a consistent, reliable email and cloud storage solution which has improved workflow and communications no end.
The migration was complicated, involving 50+ home based users using a variety of different email clients, devices and account types (POP3 and IMAP) but Refractiv was great throughout, providing comprehensive support and an extremely professional service.


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