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Complete internet marketing package is ‘just the job’ for recruitment companyVMC (1)

Vacancy Management Company is a specialist recruitment consultancy dealing with all types of roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. VMC initially approached Refractiv for help with their social networking profile, but during consultancy, the team identified that their website also needing updating if they were going to maximise the impact of the new approach. A ‘complete internet marketing package’ including Consultancy, SEO and a new website with advanced functionality, was subsequently delivered.

The Challenge

VMC had very limited social networking presence but realised that it could be an important part of their marketing efforts. Unfortunately their existing website could not support this new approach as it was no longer sending out the right brand messages, it was dated in look and feel and had become overloaded with content, which was tricky to navigate and made for a challenging visitor experience. The site was also difficult for non technical staff to update and the online vacancy database had become limited and inflexible in its capabilities, so there were a number of separate challenges that all needed to be addressed in an integrated way.

The Solution

Refractiv developed a fresh design and a new structure for the website with clear navigation to improve the visitor experience. A new, flexible and user friendly content management system was put in place which allowed staff to update almost every element of the site themselves and manage their online vacancies. An improved and more sophisticated vacancies database meant that interview information and notes for each candidate as well as their standard details and CV could be consolidated into one place. As part of the ‘complete package’, Refractiv also provided SEO advice and developed and implemented a Social Strategy, all of which was supported by training for the VMC team.

We thought we needed to improve our social networking profile but didn’t really appreciate it was just one part of the jigsaw. Refractiv helped us see the ‘bigger picture’ and made sure that all the separate areas were working together, so we now have the benefit of SEO and Social Networking with a great website sitting at the centre of it. It’s been fantastic to have one supplier who can deliver a ‘complete internet marketing package


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