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How to Set Up Gmail for Business (2023 Guide)

If you are already familiar with Gmail, you might be wondering how to create a Gmail account for your company. This guide outlines the necessary steps to successfully set up Gmail for your business and answers some common questions about Gmail business accounts.

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Working with Microsoft Office files in Google Workspace

If your organisation has decided to migrate to Google Workspace, while some of your clients or vendors may still be using Microsoft Office 365, don’t panic! In this guide, we outline some effective tips to help you work with Microsoft Office files in Google Workspace seamlessly.

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Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Google Workspace

Google Workplace is the ultimate productivity toolkit. It combines Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Google Meet and more into a professional set of apps with advanced features for business and education. In this guide, I will show you how to get started with Google Workspace in just a few steps.

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