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Gemini embeds the power of generative AI across
Google Workspace to help you write, organise, visualise, connect, and much more


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Imagine having an intelligent, real-time partner that significantly lessens your workload.
With Gemini for Google Workspace, you can focus on what’s truly important while it takes care of the rest.

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Get drafts started fast in Gmail or Docs

Gemini can assist you in various ways while writing documents and emails, making your writing process more efficient and effective. Use it to generate text ideas, create outlines, and draft whole documents from scratch. Gemini can summarise long documents and articles, extract key points, and organise information into tables or outlines. In Gmail, Gemini can help you write different types of emails, such as formal business emails, marketing emails, and sales emails. It can also help you personalise your emails and find relevant information to include.

Quickly organise your data in Google Sheets

Gemini for Google Workspace can suggest formulas based on the data in your spreadsheet. For instance, if you have a table of sales figures, Gemini can suggest formulas to calculate total sales, average sales, and other relevant metrics. Gemini can also help you analyze your data and identify insights. For example, it can help you identify correlations between different data points, detect anomalies, and predict future trends.

A table generated by Duet AI in Google Sheets

Images generated by Duet AI in Google Slides

Create original images for your slides

Use Gemini to create, edit, and make your Google Slides presentations more engaging and effective. It can generate new slides based on prompts or existing slides. For instance, you can ask Geimini to create a slide with a specific topic or to add a new slide after a particular slide. Furthermore, gemini can help you create images, charts, and graphs to enhance your presentations. Try Geimini next time you need to create engaging slides for your next customer pitch deck or executive off-site.

Generate custom Google Meet backgrounds and studio effects

With Gemini for Google Workspace, you can create unique backgrounds that accurately represent your brand, expertise, or personal style. Whether you’re hosting a client presentation, collaborating with colleagues, or attending a webinar, your backgrounds will make a lasting impression. Gemini’s audio and video enhancements can significantly improve the quality of your meeting experience. This includes features like noise reduction, background blurring, and automatic framing, so you always look and sound your best.

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Focus on what matters while Gemini takes care of the rest

Increase sales and productivity

Gemini for Workspace creates sales content and materials to drive revenue growth.

Create content quickly

Gemini helps marketers increase their efficiency by creating campaign briefs, project plans, and presentations.

Provide better service

Gemini can quickly generate responses to customers, reducing your response times.



Have a question about Gemini for Google Workspace? We just might have the answer!

Is Gemini available for my organisation?
You must have or upgrade to one of the qualifying Google Workspace editions before you can purchase the Gemini for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on. Google Workspace editions that support the Gemini add-on:

Frontline Starter
Frontline Standard
Business Starter (Gemini Business only)
Business Standard
Business Plus
Enterprise Essentials
Enterprise Essentials Plus
Enterprise Standard
Enterprise Plus
Education Fundamentals
Education Standard
Education Teaching and Learning Upgrade
Education Plus

How will Gemini for Google Workspace protect my data?

Your interactions with Gemini are kept within your organisation. Any prompts or generated content by Gemini are stored alongside your Google Workspace content and not shared outside your organisation. Your existing Google Workspace protections are automatically applied. Gemini brings the same enterprise-grade security as the rest of Google Workspace, ensuring that your organization’s existing controls and data handling practices, such as data-regions policies and Data Loss Prevention, are applied.

Your content is not used for any other customers. None of your content is used for model training outside of your domain without your permission. Find out more about the way Google protects your Workspace data in the era of generative here.

Are there any restrictions on Gemini?

Please note that all responses are currently provided in US English. Users may need to adjust the spelling and grammar to fit their English dialect. Support for more languages will be added in the future. It is important to note that users must be 18 years or older to use this add-on. Administrators are responsible for assigning the add-on only to users who meet this age requirement.

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