Our look at Worldwide Gone Google Stories from the Google Enterprise Blog. D-Link, a global leader in providing network connectivity solutions to small and medium businesses, is using Google Apps to connect it’s workforce in over 90 offices worldwide.

D-Link is headquartered in Taiwan, but has more than 90 global offices serving North America, Asia, and Europe, each of which operates almost like an independent business unit. Before switching to Google Apps for Business, D-Link were using multiple email systems and had no collaboration platform to allow the business units to work together.

Michael Walsh, CIO, D-Link: “As we looked at our options, it was clear that we wanted to be in the cloud. We had been using an old version of Lotus Notes and I was already familiar with Microsoft® Exchange so I figured we’d just migrate over to Microsoft’s BPOS (currently Microsoft Office 365). In the spirit of democracy, I threw the discussion wide open to the technology team at our North American headquarters and had a bake-off to evaluate Microsoft versus Google Apps. We looked at cost, usability, feature set and the global reach of each platform’s infrastructure. In the end the affordability, infrastructure and features made Google the clear winner.”

D-Link sucessfully moved 550 North American employees to Google Apps a year ago and the company is in the process of rolling out Google Apps to 350 more users in Europe.

Mr Walsh said: “The move to Google Apps has fundamentally changed how we communicate. Once people collaborate online to edit a document at the same time, they never want to go back to the old way of edit and email changes around. We use Google Talk and Google Video, both of which are total game-changers. To look your staff in the eye on a daily basis, no matter where they live, creates a real sense of belonging for those remote employees. People want to be social even at work and video interaction enables that.”

“Since Google Apps is web-based, we no longer have issues with storage and I know that wherever I roam, I can access my data and connect with people with the push of a button. I’m constantly blown away by Google’s rate of feature development. I don’t even have to spend more money; Google just keeps on giving us great new features at no extra cost!”

Story courtesy of Google Enterprise Blog post.