Our SEO and internet marketing workshop is a handy guide through the unfamiliar world of search engine optimisation.

Run with a certain style and panache by our resident search engine optimisation (SEO) guru, the latest digital marketing workshop left attendees more than a little wiser in the ways of internet marketing.  As our guru explained at the outset, internet marketing is not the mysterious beast that many take it to be.  As long as you have a good website, a sound business (with our clients we know the first 2 are givens), belief that SEO will work for you, and the time to spend then the results will come.

Our workshops are specifically designed to teach attendees DIY SEO, using the “SEO Sandwich” analogy, and other secrets of internet marketing.  The SEO Sandwich perfectly illustrates how to market your website: the first slice of bread – find your keywords; the first sandwich filling – fresh up to date website content; the second filling – relevant, important links to your site; and the last slice of bread – the analysis of the website so you understand the effect your marketing is having and can respond as needed.  And that is what the day is about, introducing attendees to the unfamiliar world of search engine optimisation and using simple to understand language to guide them through, so that by the close of play they can confidently navigate that world alone.

One of the attendees, Chris Adams of Techmesh explained this perfectly: “Today has been useful, interesting and fun. Refractiv has given me an insight into SEO and ways to market our website that you just can’t buy.  The fact that part of the day was spent analysing the Techmesh website has given me practical experience and the confidence that time I am spending on our website will generate the results the company expects.”

If you want an insight into the world of SEO and internet marketing, our next SEO & Internet Marketing Workshop takes place at the end of September.  If you don’t have the time for SEO but need to market your website take a look at the SEO healthcheck and internet marketing solutions we offer, or as usual with all our clients, feel free to contact us for an initial chat.