Sometimes we are blown away by ideas some of our customers have. If you are stuck for content, take a look at what Flowquip have done.

Following an SEO meeting with Flowquip, a Flowmetering Solutions company based in Sowerby Bridge, I was delighted when they sent me their first blog article. The idea of a regular feature, “Flow Heroes”, looking at historical figures that played some part in discovering flow measurement is inspired. I thought it would be a useful example that, if you are stuck for content, you don’t have to stick to your products or company events and news. Don’t be afraid to do something ‘outside the box’.

Creating a blog is easy, and gives you freedom to express and expose some personality without the usual formal business language. If you are searching for web content inspiration, take a look at what Flowquip have done below, and don’t forget to check out their blog for the next instalment, I know I will!