We love the way that Capsule CRM integrates with apps like Zendesk, so we can see a contact’s support tickets embedded into their other details. The integration with Freshbooks also allows us to see invoices, but sadly doesn’t show recurring profiles or estimates.

Capsule’s developers are busy chaps, and confirmed to us that they wouldn’t get around to creating recurring profiles or estimates any time soon, so we rolled our sleeves up and created a Chrome extension that shows how almost any web application your company uses can be extended.

Firstly we created a Chrome extension that wakes up when we’re on a Capsule organisation or person. It then makes a call to a web service we created which in turn pulls the Freshbooks data in using their API.

It then “injects” a new panel down the left hand column in Capsule, which shows a summary of our client’s recurring profiles, which for us means the cloud services we provide them with. Then we changed the “Invoices” tab to read “Invoices, Recurring Profiles, Estimates” and extended it so that when we view that tab it draws in the relevant subscription and estimate data.

We then uploaded the Chrome extension to the Chrome Web Store, but restricted it to Refractiv staff.

This is great news if you use Capsule and Freshbooks with recurring profiles or estimates, but the approach we’ve used demonstrates how almost any web application your staff use can be altered to make it more productive. So if you have an internal or external web application and would like to extend it using data from another source, or would like your users to be able to interact with it in new ways we’re happy to chat and share our experiences.