As a Google Cloud Partner we’re rapt about cloud technology and enjoy spreading the G Suite word. However, we had no idea when we came up with the idea of a dedicated G Suite Tips site, a few years ago, whether we’d even end up doing it, or if anyone would be interested.

Happily we did, and we’re delighted to report that we’re celebrating one million visitors to our G Suite tips, tricks and tools site this year. Yay!

Along with our regular dose of tips, that hits 40,000 inboxes every month, we’ve created our own G Suite tools including Copy Folder and Drive Permissions. And that’s not all. As we’re a bunch of G Suite evangelists it might not be surprising to learn that the magic behind the G Suite Tips site is our own baby and G Suite website builder OverDRIVE which is leaving traditional web development in its wake.

If you’re not already a G Suite Tips follower then you can join in and if you’d like to discover how you can to set up a site in minutes, automatically, using your G Suite content then just give us a nudge.