Refractiv recently helped a business, already wise to the benefits of Cloud, to make a transition to Google Apps.

UK based company NetDespatch provide web-based booking, tracking and label printing solutions for global postal and express parcels organisations. This allows customers to manage their collections, print despatch labels and use innovative integration tools to streamline the end-to-end delivery process.

Google Apps delivered what their old Microsoft Business Server 2003 could not – a flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution across the whole business. Gmail and the shared Calendar improved the organisation’s communication and streamlined scheduling and Google Drive meant that collaboration for users became much easier overnight. The seamless fit of Google Vault made it a natural additional choice and allowed the company to meet its eDiscovery and compliance needs.

The integration of the Salesforce CRM improved the sales teams’ effectiveness and together with the use of other 3rd Party Cloud Apps including Liquid Planner, Lucid Chart and Run My Process meant that Refractiv could deliver a coherent and totally connected solution for NetDespatch.

A comprehensive migration was followed by onsite training and is underpinned by Refractiv’s full supported service.

“NetDespatch offers web based applications to our customers so it was a natural and short step for us to embrace the same technology in our own company. Google Apps has transformed a number of separate areas in our business, but in a totally integrated way, which is a powerful and increasingly important concept in today’s tough commercial environment. “
Daniel Crossley – Head of Operations.