Google has updated the interface for Presentations, introducing the same Comments and Discussions facility we see in Google Docs.

Since the new version of Presentations was launched back in October last year, with the ability to animate slides, collaborate and choose from a range of themes, the main feature missing was the ability to add Google Doc-like comments. Now that functionality has arrived.

With discussions in Presentations, you’ll be able to:

  • Comment on an area or an entire slide – so your discussion has context.
  • Send an email notification by adding someone to a comment.
  • Resolve comments once they are dealt with.

As with Google Docs, you can now keep control of a presentation by setting the access rights you grant individuals, or your whole organisation, to “Can comment” – so collaborators can view the presentation, post comments but not edit it.

If you’d like to convert existing presentations to the new version of the editor, create a new presentation and import your slides