Here’s what’s new in Google Workspace, including Google Meet annotations, dark mode in Google Drive, and voice messages in Chat!

Google Meet

A new annotation tool is now available in Google Meet. Presenters and their chosen co-annotators can use this to highlight or make notes on the content being presented. Annotations will be enabled by default when the presentation is initiated. To assign a co-annotator, select “more options” (three-dot icon) from the people panel or by hovering over a user’s video tile, then choose “add as co-annotator”.

Annotations demo in Google Chat

Image: Google

Switch between devices during calls
If you are in the middle of a Meet video call and you need to switch from your mobile device to your laptop, you can now use a feature called “Switch Here”. It allows you to effortlessly switch the call from your mobile device to your laptop while continuing the conversation without any interruption. To use this feature, simply join the meeting from your laptop and you will be able to access it.

Google Chat

If your organisation uses multiple messaging platforms, Mio can now facilitate messaging interoperability between Google Chat, Slack, and Teams. Head over to the Mio Help Center to find out more.

Mio illustration

Send voice messages in Google Chat! Save time, convey more information, and emphasise critical details by sending a voice message instead of typing. Get the Google Chat app from Play Store or App Store and try out voice messages. Support for the web version of Google Chat will be added soon.

Voice message demo in Google Chat

Image: Google

Google Drive

Dark mode in Drive is now available on the web. This new setting aims to provide you with a more comfortable, customizable viewing experience for Drive. To enable dark mode in Google Drive, go to Settings > General > Appearance.



  • Google Meet: a new annotation tool is now available and allows presenters and co-annotators to highlight or make notes on content. You can also switch calls between devices with “Switch Here.”
  • Google Chat interoperability with Slack and Teams and voice messages are now available for Google Workspace users.
  • Dark mode is now available in Drive on the web.

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