Welcome to the latest round of updates to Google Workspace, including Gemini Business, a new way of presenting in Google Slides, and new Google Chat features.

Introducing Gemini for Google Workspace

The Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on has been renamed Gemini Enterprise. Furthermore, Gemini Business, which is now available to all Google Workspace customers, both new and existing. Gemini Business is a Workspace add-on subscription that offers a curated selection of the generative AI capabilities found in Gemini Enterprise. To gain a deeper understanding of Gemini for Google Workspace, please visit our dedicated page and get in touch for a free trial.

Gemini for Google Workspace illustration

Google Docs

Markups on Android Devices
A new feature in Google Docs called “markups” allows you to add handwritten annotations to documents using an Android device. This feature can be used for giving feedback, providing ideas, or updating construction plans.

To use markups, open a document, then select the markups tool from the contextual toolbar. Draw with your finger or stylus.

Example of a Google Docs with markups

Image: Google

An improved commenting experience
Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now feature an enhanced commenting experience to make it easier to find and act on comments.

To explore the new and improved commenting options, go to View > Comments and select one of the following:

  • Show all comments
  • Expand comments
  • Minimise comments
  • Hide comments

New comments view in Google Docs

Image: Google

Google Slides

Speaker spotlight
As a presenter, you can insert your video feed directly into their Slides content to deliver a more engaging message. You can use various speaker spotlight shapes into the slides and format them as desired. Your camera feed will appear during slideshow mode.

To add a spotlight shape into your Slides presentation, you can either use the “Insert” menu and select “Speaker Spotlight,” or simply click on the “Speaker Spotlight” button located within the toolbar.

Speaker spotlights in Google Slides

Image: Google

Pin multiple tiles during Google Meet calls
As a Google Meet host or co-host, you are now empowered to pin up to three specific tiles for all meeting attendees. This feature enables you to keep the meeting focused on essential presentations and speakers, ensuring a more engaging and productive experience for all participants.

Google Chat

Smart chips are now available
Search for and insert smart chips with links to specific spaces. When composing a message in Chat and typing “@”, a list of suggested spaces will now appear based on your membership. You can search for a specific space by name, with the results determined by spaces they’ve recently accessed. Once a space is selected, it can be inserted into the message as a smart chip. Alternatively, the link (URL) of a space can be pasted into a message and converted into a smart chip by pressing the Tab key.

Pin chats in Google Chat
Pinning messages in the meeting chat allows important messages, like presentation links, to be displayed prominently and are easily accessible for all participants, regardless of their time of joining the meeting. This feature ensures that critical information is visible and readily available to all attendees, enhancing effective communication and information sharing during the meeting.

In a meeting, participants can pin or unpin their messages, while hosts have the ability to unpin anyone’s message. To pin a message, simply hover over it in the chat window and select the pin icon.


  • Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise is now Gemini Enterprise. Gemini helps people write, visualize, organize, and connect more meaningfully.
  • Google Docs has a new feature called “markups” that allows users to add handwritten annotations to documents using an Android device.
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now feature an enhanced commenting experience.
  • Google Slides now allows presenters to insert their video feed directly into their Slides content.
  • Hosts and co-hosts can now pin up to three specific tiles for all participants in a Google Meet call.
  • Smart chips are now available in Google Chat, allowing you to search for and insert links to specific spaces.
  • You can now pin chats in Google Chat to make important messages more visible.


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