Google Workspace announced several new features this month, including direct links to Chat messages and a new “Activity” page in Drive. These features will be rolled out gradually to all users over the coming weeks.

Google Chat

Expanding on the latest enhancements in Google Chat, including features such as in-line replies, and expanded spaces, now you can also link to a specific message. Simply click on the three dots menu and then “Copy link”.

"Copy link" button in Google Chat

Additionally, Google Chat now uses machine learning models to improve the accuracy and relevance of search results, based on the search terms, your most recent Chat conversations in direct messages and spaces, and other factors.

Google Docs

You may have noticed new buttons at the top of your Google Docs. These new building blocks allow you to quickly start writing different types of content, such as meeting notes and email drafts. Just click the button you want, or choose “@ More” to see more options, like creating a new email or Calendar event.

Building blocks at the top of a new Google Doc

Google Drive

A new view in Google Drive, called “Activity” will help you catch up with all the pending requests, recent comments, and file approvals. This view will help you easily track recent activity and promptly take necessary steps, all from a single location. You can access it from the left-hand navigation panel in Drive.

Activity page in Google Drive