Our look at Worldwide Gone Google Stories from the Google Enterprise Blog. Johnston Press, a leading local newspaper publisher in the UK, has just announced a bold plan to transform its sales operations – with a little help from Google Apps for Business

Johnston Press has placed Google Apps for Business at the centre of an ambitious new plan to transform it’s advertising sales operation. Johnston Press own 230 local newspapers and local internet sites. The switch to Google Apps for Business is part of a plan to introduce more effective ways of working to its workforce.

Ashley Highfield, CEO, Johnston Press said: “Johnston Press is embarking on a new plan to transform the advertising sales operation – introducing new solutions and ways of working. One of the major pillars of this plan is Google Apps for Business – which will be adopted by our employees as their core email system, allowing them to work together in new ways. Google Apps will allow our employees to access their information at any time, from anywhere and will enable them to work more efficiently as a team, no matter where they are.”

Johnston Press also plan to equip their 1,500-strong sales team with the Salesforce.com customer relationship management system (CRM), which will be integrated with Google Apps for Business, simplifying the way sales executives communicate, collaborate, and share business information. iPads will be issued to more than 800 non-office-based sales staff to allow them to work remotely and stay in touch when on the road – significantly improving sales effectiveness at customers’ premises.

Story courtesy of Google Enterprise Blog post.