Toronto based property renovation experts Men At Work are using G Suite site builder OverDRIVE to create instant Project Workspaces for their numerous Design Build schemes.

Specialising in home renovations, renewing and enlarging older houses in core Toronto neighbourhoods, the team were looking for a flexible tool to create instant workspaces to track, manage and share project progress with their clients.  

They opted for G Suite site builder OverDRIVE because of its close integration with Google Drive and the ability to customize it completely to their needs. The workspaces share existing Drive content, alongside drawings, specs, budgets and status reports as user friendly web pages. Clients are invited into their site to check on progress and, with some extra OverDRIVE functionality, will be able to specify all kinds of building and external finishes, as well as interior fittings and fixtures online.  

President Paul Gallop said “We have been using an industry-specific cloud based system for a number of years, but have been frustrated with the fact that there is no way to customize it, no API to enable integration and communication with other software (most notably that it can’t integrate with GSuite).

We were really attracted to OverDRIVE because of the flexibility for customization and the ability to create automation and inter-app connectivity through Google Apps Script and app integration tools like Zapier, and it’s this that’s prompted us to plan to migrate away from the limitations of the current system.”

We also like that we can further tailor OverDRIVE to serve not just as a better platform for managing our projects and interacting with our customers, but also as a customized intranet and central hub for our entire team. Our organization isn’t huge, but we’re spread out across the city, some working from home, some in our office, some on job sites. Having a single, central, customizable tool that everyone can be working from and can be optimized to our needs, without the need for massive investment in creating custom software from the ground up, is another really attractive aspect of OverDRIVE”.