Google have rolled out the new design for Google Docs, to match other improvements we have reported recently.

The new look for Google Docs is consistent with the re-design of the Gmail and overall Google Apps interface that has also been generally released. It introduces much cleaner menus and toolbars and improves the overall collaboration experience for users.

We like the new interface, there are some useful improvements that make the interface more intuitive. The “Display Density” setting is very clever, allowing users to change the spacing in a Docs list – really useful for smaller laptop screens where you want to “squeeze” the list.

Google Docs adds a new interface, with customisable display density

The interface is now the default view, but users can switch back to the old version by choosing Help > Use the classic look.

If you are still seeing the old look in Gmail or Google Docs, there will be a dark grey bar in the bottom right of your screen, click on the “new look” link to get the updated interface.

Let us know what you think!