Richard and Amanda got more than they bargained for when visiting a long standing Refractiv client recently.

Hargreaves Foundry in Halifax have been iron founders for over 100 years and, after a visit to discuss new development for their website, the Refractiv team were invited to have a tour. Excitement mounted as the two got kitted out in the necessary safety gear (high viz jackets and safety goggles a far cry from normal office wear) and made their way into the foundry. The “breath-taking” tour kicked off with a demonstration of scrap metal being melted down at 1,500 degrees, poured into huge vats and pulled by hand across the foundry (watch out for the sparks Amanda!) to the moulds. Richard and Amanda were then shown the amazing skill involved in creating moulds – ranging from a beautiful sculpture by a well known artist such as Anthony Gormley to a complex engineering casting requiring exacting standards at all times.

The Refractiv team agreed it was a world away from web development!