Introducing OverDRIVE, a remarkably simple and effective way to publish and manage all kinds of information.

We all want to find, use and store information easily at work to make our lives easy and our time more productive. Traditional solutions include Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications like Sharepoint, Jive and Alfresco, but they can be unwieldy and expensive.

With more people than ever working together from any device or place using cloud-based tools that help them connect and work in better ways, OverDRIVE is a remarkably simple and effective way to publish and manage all kinds of information.

OverDRIVE automatically generates a web portal using selected content from Google Drive.

Web pages and content are created and updated automatically using selected folders, documents and files that already exist in Drive. There’s also a flexible and customisable web front-end, which is fully integrated with Drive, so you have secure and scalable document storage with a built-in collaboration feature too. There is no software to install and you only use a browser, so it’s nimble and easy to use.

The web pages, permissions and navigation are automatically updated whenever you change the content in Drive, which means that you can create and securely publish content to share with people inside and outside your organization in a few simple clicks. There’s no need for a content management system (CMS) and no need for specialist technical know how. Not only that but the whole lot is powered by the Cloud, giving access to whoever you choose, whenever they want, wherever they are and whatever device they have.

OverDRIVE has a great range of applications and uses, especially in business and education; from information resources for groups like company staff, board members, students or pupils, through to workspaces for projects, digital assets or documents and much more besides.

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Ian Weatherhogg, Technical Director at Refractiv believes that OverDRIVE has tremendous potential:

OverDRIVE is a great way to keep your team connected, share ideas and discover answers. It can provide workspaces for complex projects, data and digital assets, keep your team or class connected and your shop-floor team up to speed. That’s what’s so exciting – the applications are countless and the possibilities are endless. The ingenuity of OverDRIVE and the power of cloud lets you share all kinds of information with all kinds of people in an effortless and accessible way.