A mobile app combined with an OverDRIVE web portal has streamlined routine and preventative maintenance for Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. The new system has been rolled out to multiple sites across the country and allowed the company to take further steps in its mission to continuously improve customer service.

Working with the Tarmac Aggregates and Asphalt team, Refractiv developed an online solution which was suitable for the tough conditions which maintenance engineers face on industrial sites. Information and data collected in the field is instantly available to management for planning and reporting purposes through the OverDRIVE portal.

Automatic scheduling on the App now means that maintenance teams are able to see at a glance which inspections are required, plus any outstanding defects in need of attention. During an inspection, engineers are able to record and upload photos, submit detailed feedback on individual components, report defects and record which parts are required. This information is then passed to the OverDRIVE site for reporting.

The Maintenance OverDRIVE site allows the national team to manage inspections across all sites, see completed inspections and monitor logged defects. A live reporting system gives National and Regional managers an up to date picture of all inspections carried out and each defect logged, together with a note of what parts are required. Details of all inspections and defects can now be viewed by team members at any time, allowing information about sites, maintenance intervals, equipment and components across sites to be easily shared and instantly updated.

“We’ve gone from a manual site by site system that relied heavily on individuals and local knowledge, to an online nationwide maintenance management and reporting system using a mobile app and an OverDRIVE site. The automatic scheduling and new level of reporting means that we can instantly see a detailed picture of plant and sites nationwide, which is available to everyone and constantly updated. This allows us to share knowledge and best practice with everyone from individual Engineers to Regional Managers and Directors of the division across our sites, which has had a really positive impact on the business and on our teams.

Most importantly it allows us to focus on our objective of continually improving the service we provide to our customers.”

Gareth Jones. National Manufacturing Optimisation Manager – Tarmac